Spring 2005 Updates

We have new t-shirts for sale at the shop.. Stop by or give Kim a call to get one..

Sony photoshoot with the "Overkill" Dodge Ram

"Ridge" Chopper FOR SALE.. Check it out!!

Eclipse Magazine ad!!

Matt gets a new race helmet!!

The Sony bike gets some great pics! Plus it will be featured on the Sony website, and in Barnettes Custom Motorcycle Magazine.

Frank Pope's Cutlass is one BAD RIDE!!

Another Boss Hoss Trike

This '57 is a match to Ed's other car..

A Custom H2 gets re-worked

Kim and John get "hitched" April 3rd in Hawaii

Mike's 1950 Chevy makes Classic Truck Magazine

Detroit Locker Project.. How it started and the finished product.. See it and us on the Power Tour this summer!!

Robbie still working the S-10. He gets a feature in "Tailgate" Magazine w/ a cover spot..
That makes 81 features and 12 covers... AWESOME!

Nate, John, and Berry hang out

The "G Force" Trans Am does a burnout for a Vortech Supercharger ad.

Bike gets Pro photoshoot for a chopper book.

John even finds time to paint a few dragons...

Christina's 1964 Ford Galaxy gets some work done.. The flames will be very "HOT" on her car..

The Sony bike goes to the CES Show..

We are gonna give Rich M's Cuda alot of TLC!!

Brandon helps Dad mask this customers car.. Then he helps Dad sand... He must really want his allowance!!

Vern looks this future custom over

The Chicago bike show goes well..

We do metric bikes also...

John's new Concept ZR-6 Vette.. We hope it comes to life...

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