Winter 2003 Updates

A Z06 Corvette getting a full makeover

A Porsche wing installed.

Dan's Eclipse got a custom "bi-wing".

A "Boss Hoss" gas tank & fender flamed to the MAX!

Our shop dually gets a new "Proglass" hood.

Brandon checking out Dad's work on this Vette.

Graphics on another "Boss Hoss" bike.

Our Trailblazer riding on 20" EVO Wheels.

Custom Hyabusa bike with custom graphics and NOS....

The artist rendering of the "Two Face" Ranger....

"2Face" Ranger is done and showing!! (Yes that is the same truck)

Detailed leopard print graphics...It even looks like real fur...

Eric's finished bed to his Ranger...

Frank's hood & door panels get the finishing touches!!

cowl induction hood and a "BAD" graphic attack on his Trans Am...

The Z06 Corvette finished with a RK Sport body kit, 20" EVO wheels & a carbon fiber hood.

Ron Coco's HiBoy painted "Sunkist Twist". Custom mixed yellow pearl with blended colors.

Paying tribute to the "Intimidator" Dale Earnhardt..

Ralph's Camaro looking good!!

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