John Wargo had a vision over 29 years ago; (after working on cars throughout high school) some day he would open a shop and build custom cars for a living. He knew that it would be a tough road to make it work in the small town of Flanagan, but he loved the small town life. After he graduated high school, he got a night shift job printing magazines at a local printing company. Then he went out and got a loan to buy a closed down Dodge dealership that had been sitting empty in Flanagan for a few years. With the help of his parents they cleaned up the old shop repainted it and open The Custom Shop in 1988. For the next 8 years John was working at the shop during the day and full time at night to get the shop off the ground. Finally, after all of the hard work the shop had finally taken off and was making a little money. So he quit his night job and went hard core, putting The Custom Shop and Flanagan on the map. He didn"t do it alone he hired a few guys to expand the shop skill level and ablilities, so Richard Llyod, Jon Millirons, Dennis Sullivan were added to the team. When they get really busy on projects we call in a few freinds as part time help Dan Hoerner, Bill Manker, Alex Betts.

John married Kim; she comes from an automotive family backround, so she was a perfect fit to do the books and paper work. John's father Vern Wargo has since retired and still plays with cars at his home, but his Mother Betty Weers still helps out by keeping the shop cleaned up and ready for work when the guys make a mess. Brandon Wargo, John's son has been going to shows with him for years and is now just starting to help out at the shop and start learning the ropes. His daughter Brianna Wargo already is telling eveyone shes is building cars someday. The crew at The Custom Shop, works hard to design, create, and Build some very high end customs for customer all over the US. They have been fetured in 161 magazines and been on 17 covers in the last 29 years with more to come in the future.